Friday, August 17, 2012

we went to the zoo

before i can even begin to think about setting up my classroom library and putting up bulletin board paper, i had to spend this beautiful summer day with these 3.   we braved the Dream Cruise traffic on Woodward and headed to the Detroit Zoo.  i didn't pack fishy crackers and juice boxes along with my double stroller like i did when our zoo membership afforded weekly trips, but we did stop at subway and though 2 of these children now have their own licenses, i drove.
we visited all of our favorite animals, found the brick paver with our names on it and just enjoyed the sunshine.  i love watching my kids hang out together and they even let me take some pictures, with the promise of NO facebook posts (they didn't say anything about blogs!)  as we wandered through the zoo, my mind seemed to do it's own wandering.  i watched my children, now nearly adults, and i remembered.  i watched parents with young children and smiled.  i felt the urge to beg them to appreciate their day at the zoo.   "these days go by so fast"...i wanted to warn them.   don't worry, i didn't.
of course, we stopped for ice-cream on the way home.   and you know, not one of them fell asleep on the way home, needing me to carry them into the house for a nap.  considering that they have each grown taller than me, i guess i should be grateful.
i am so grateful.