i've been promoted to kindergarten!
after 20 years of teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, i will be teaching my very first class of 5 year olds.
and let me tell you, i am so very excited (ok, and not just a little bit frightened.)
i have spent my summer days pouring over pinterest and k teacher blogs... and well, to be quite honest, i think this has made me a wee bit anxious.
i so look forward to meeting my new group of boys and girls, and can't wait to get started...

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  1. Mrs Bugaj... Just a few days left and our kiddos will be moving on. Thank you for introducing them to school; in the most amazing ways! You have loved them all and devoted your everything into making sure our kids are ready for whats to come! you taught niyem so much and not just his alphabet and how to count to 100, or even his fabulous reading and spelling, and adding and have given my son confidence, security, love, respect and most of all his own little self-esteem, that he admires! We love you! Thank you thank you!
    Xo Dee and Niyem Avant