Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mama Got Some New Shoes

So what do my new shoes (cute, huh?) have to do with our literacy lesson this morning!  Well, let me tell you, inspiration is everywhere, even in the Kohl's shoe department!   Because just about everything I need to teach can be related to finding cute shoes...

Today we taked about picking out "just right" books to read.  My goal is for the children to confidently choose books that are interesting, at thier level and serve their purpose for reading.  Choosing "just right" books means we look at:
*PURPOSE- why we are reading
*INTEREST- is this interesting to me?
*COMPREHENSION- can I understand this?
*KNOWLEDGE- what background knowledge do I have for this?

Back to the shoes...I showed several shoes and we had a great discussion about why I would pick each.  Each shoe serves a different purpose, is used for different interests, comes in different sizes.  My husband's work boots would not be a good choice for me to wear out dancing (yeah, I go out dancing often!!), etc.  We related these ideas to our book selections and will come back to this discussion often.  One size does not fit all- THANK GOODNESS!!!

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  1. I think that is a great idea, something I can implement at home.