Saturday, December 15, 2012

He is close...

I wasn't at school when I heard the news.
I was on the road, on my way to pick up my daughter, to bring here home.
She had just completed her first semester in college and would be spending three weeks with us as we enjoyed the holidays.  Happiness in this mama's heart...

The radio reported a gunman in an elementary school.  Someone was shot.  As the miles passed, more stories poured in.  Each story bringing more unbelievable news.  A tragedy in a school. 
A the one where I spend my days.

Even this morning, I've had all night to process this story, even now I struggle.
I want to put this into words.  To understand, to find some comfort, to share...

A kindergarten teacher with her children going about their morning.  Maybe they were reading, or writing... or making reindeer to finally decorate their classroom for the holidays and get ready for the big party next week.  When she heard the gunshots, did she gather her children in the locker area like they had practiced?  Was she able to comfort them and remind them that she would keep them safe?  Was she able to tell them that she loved them?  Did she know her words would be the last they would hear?

I sit here in front of my computer, and I cannot make sense of any of this.  I am brokenhearted.  I ache for all the families grieving right now.   I ache for my students and thier families as they witness this tragedy unfold.   I ache for my family...I am brokenhearted.

There is fear.  There is uncertainy.  There is the awareness that tomorrow isn't a promise.

There is, also, a promise that I can hold on to...  He remains close and restores my spirit.

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